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May 05, 2010


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Yes, there are other ways to build external links besides article marketing. For example, you could try negotiating with other websites for a link trade. Or you could go around and comment on random people's blogs leaving behind your company link. This is doable...but it doesn't do much for you. You come across as very "Spammy" when you take this route. Instead of giving something to someone else, you're just asking for a favor. You're intruding on someone else's blog or website and advertising your own company for your own selfish gain.

This is why article marketing builds superior links-because it benefits everyone. The website gets a free article (or series of articles) and you get to establish yourself as a recognized authority in your field.

Respect, admiration and trust-how much are those qualities worth? These are qualities you can't buy. Only hard work earns the respect of your customers. Becoming a recognized leader in your field is far more important than achieving short-term "popularity" by using a PPC campaign or begging for link trades.

There may be some circumstances in which old fashioned link trading or "link selling" is appropriate, but by in large, article marketing works better. It's the new age business philosophy that says you don't beg for your customer's attention. You make the customer beg for your attention. The law of attraction says that most people are drawn to success.

Having hundreds of external links all over the web, and hundreds of expert-level articles in your name, and a top 10 ranked website, is overwhelming "evidence" of your success. When your customer is ready to buy, who is he going to buy from? You, an established expert who selflessly gives of his time? Or the guy spamming every forum and blog site just begging for attention?

If you are looking into linkbuilding to improve your popularity, then give article marketing a run. Remember, you want to be "popular" for the right reasons.

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