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May 19, 2010


John Frenaye

Peter--I'd love top know how many legitimate agents actually sign up. I am sure several in YTB will simply for the NCL and RCCL inventory. But I see this more like the Sandals affiliate program where they offer a spif for bookings--designed to be placed on the Bait Store's website who might get a booking every few years.

The Natural

Did anyone see this?

Sounds like someone has some "explaining" to do. That is pure fraud!!

John Lobo

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John Lobo

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Awesome post!It is a very unfortunate thing that happened and you should be compensated.
If the travel agency still wont compensate you to a reasonable level, then take things further, the head office or even a government fair trading office (if you have those in germany)
you should be compensated, go to the agents in person, then take things further if needed.


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Awesome post! Thanks for sharing. So once again we are going to have to deal with an Adminstrator that doesn't know their left hand from their right hand and, probably, temporary CAA staff who have been drafted in to help and who don't have a clue about travel. One of these days they will all realise that we need industry experts on claims like this, both CAA staff and acccountants, and not money chasers.


It would make a difference to consult a Travel Agentwho knows the ins and outs of the business.


It would make a difference to consult a TravelAgency
who knows the ins and outs of the business.

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Eileen Roberts

I worked with Pro Travel Network and there is a total of #1,362.00 for commission and agent fee that is owing to me from April 2010 and no explanation was given to me why they refuse to pay although all the reference and information is in my back Office.I am ferious with this company

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The company I work for just started a travel affiliate program, and the travel agents commission is pretty standard and fair. I think you had a bad experience. But I don't think its fair to label all treatment the same. I work for a small business and we take the time to work out a fair deal. Where as a larger company like Delta Airlines will have limited room to negotiate. I don't think you should throw in the towel just yet. Keep looking! ;-)

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This is indeed a good image for travel agencies. It's always important to have a reliable source of information especially for stuffs like this that needs further attention. And I would agree that travel agencies must consider this!


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I agree. Why promote businesses that are trying to put us (travel agents) out of business. They don't deserve our business.
We need to be smart about this. Otherwise we will need to look for a different travel job!

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