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October 08, 2008


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Excellent Blog! Great history,I liked this.

Bruce Nierenberg

Great review and history. To the point.When you look at this company I have to agree with you that if the operation was revitalized and managed/set up to make money for its member agencies and not as a stock play it has potential. If that happened could you see supporting it in the future? Experienced new management with proven track record, agent friendly,combined with new capital to stabilize the business?

Peter Stilphen

Hello Bruce,
I have been out of town and just got to see your comment. The answer is absolutely yes under certain conditions. They are really deep in the hole with travel agents, host agencies and suppliers, yet, it can be salvaged. I would be pleased to discuss this in another forum. my email address is host@coral and Tel# is 866-481-4678


Rick Nicqi

I have been following your blog since the beginning and you have been right all along, Joystar and now Travelstar are both scams run by Bill Alversen, why do you think he moved to florida! He had burned ALL his bridges in california and has no friends left, he owes almost everyone that ever came in contact with him money and probably left for his own personal safety. Lets hope the SEC does investigate this guy once and for all because if they dont he will just be running a new scam in a few months.
One thing your article failed to mention is that after he and his wife scamed out of TravelMax they FLED to Mexico for 3+ years!!! so they would not have to give the money back, they waited until everything "blew over" then came back and started Joystar.


Excellent article.

This whole episode is Deja TravelMax. No doubt Alverson and his wife will once again disappear until everything blows over, maybe to come back and do it all yet again.

Doug M

I am investor that has lost $60,000+ to this scam artist. If you are an investor or agent with Joystar please file a complaint with the SEC, FBI, and Attorney Generals office. If enough voices are heard maybe they will investigate this crook and put him where he belongs.

J Lassiter

They're baaacckkk. Now they call themselves TravelStar Affiliate Network. Their website is and it is constantly down. Yet another scam coming to you by the minds of criminals. I learned about it when someone I know from Longview, TX tried to recruit me...and he is a well-known scam artist himself!! STAY AWAY!!


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William "Bill" Alverson is a major thief and scam artist. Never, never, never invest a penny with this guy! His newest venture is health food! Beware.


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