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September 26, 2008



If this story about the YTB reps is true, then that is not right. I may be wrong but the story really seems exaggerated. Just like most of the stories against YTB are exaggerated. Not saying there are not people that abuse the system, but I can bet that it also happens with the non networking business. Travel weekly just published a story where a TA from St.Louis stole over $100,000 from peoples trips.


I have to throw the BS flag on this one. Just doesn't seem possible that over half the people on this trip were from YTB and they were conducting themselves this way. Anyone can say anything on the internet and I believe this is nothing more than an agenda driven story. And to say that the people that actually do take the FAM trips (very few actually do) won't bring any business to the place is also ridiculous. If they enjoyed themselves they too will talk about it, just like the other people there. I agree with Fireman and this story is just too exaggerated.


Mr. Stilphen,
Your obsession with YTB is starting to become to much and this exagerated Philippines story is just way to much. If true shows YTB people are taking more initiative then real agents. And real agents would not be bothered by these people if they did not feel some kind of real competition from them.
I would love to know since M Kaplan has taken a Phillipines Fam and a Wynn Fam , How much sales they have made for these two locations? Since they are so professional and only on these fams for buisiness.



This type of behavior is all too common on fam trips. The majority of YTB think they are for personal enjoyment and a vacation. Sorry, but a fam is a working trip and should be treated as such.

M Kaplan

This story I sent to Peter is the exact truth of what happened on these 2 fams. I even had some of the other travel agents read what I sent to this blog and they all agreed and said I did a great job by reporting exactly the way it happened. I have witnesses to these fams. I don't feel threatened by them and I encouraged a few of them who are planning to distance themselves from YTB because they said they were embarrassed by what was going on and they were on these fams to learn about the business and sell travel. But that was only 2 out of 15 on the Philippine fam that were serious about the business.

I just feel that it is unfortunate that the true travel agent who would have liked to go on that fam was not able to because there were no space available for them.

I book a lot of clients to Las Vegas and the Wynn is more a resort than just a hotel and I recommend it highly to all my clients. As for the Philippines, I will recommend it to all my clients who want to go to Asia. I just came back from this fam but I am preparing promotions and working hard at it.

Why we were bothered by these people was because they didn't act like professionals because they were taking this fam more like a vacation trip than work, and they were also trying to recruit us. That doesn't mean we didn't talk to them. We were a group so we acted professionally with them and around them.

Frankly and personally, I don't see other travel agents as my competitors because we all have different clients and different specialties. I work with a big group of travel agents all over Arizona and we all help each other any way we can.

I also have the business cards of everyone who was on that fam (Philippines) and you can see how unprofessional their cards look like. They are so proud to be with YTB and it is just for the perks. Many of them admitted it and laughed about it in our faces while we were in Las Vegas.

So please don't tell me this is exaggerated because I was with other travel agents who saw the same things.

Peter is just reporting what I sent him. If you think it is an obsession, then it is your problem. We are just trying to warn people.


that story is bogus don't believe it they are liars


that was the real problem they was not space for the real travel agents read between the lines of the story. YTB people are not worthy of fam trips because we did not pay thousands of dollars to be a travel agents


Yeah I get it you people need to worry about your own business in these times of the recession and I guess about now you wish you had some of that marketing money in your bank account.


I"m not a YTB fan for many reason but you guys also need to look at the facts. YTB was featured in Travel Weekly's Power List as the number 26 top seller of travel, selling $414 million in travel in 2008! And you still think they don't sell travel? Or maybe you're going to say that Travel Weekly are crooks too?

It's so easy to criticize without looking at ALL the facts. In fact, it's easier to criticize then do your research.

I'm sure there are people who don't deserve to go on the FAM trips because they are not doing anything but it's not fair to crucify everyone because of some bad apples.

Trudy Richardson

I have been an agent for 30 years. I love what I do and have always been sickened by the agents who do not sell but show up for the goodies. When I was approached by YTB who wanted money from me to sell for them and who wanted me to sell YTB over travel I quickly explained the way a professional agent behaves and that "real" agents are in it for the love of travel and the desire to bring the world together with travel and communication. I have no desire to sell what I knew immediately was an MLM and would be a black mark on our industry. There are those of us out here who still have standards, who still take joy in helping people plan their dream trips. We will come out on top in the end. Sadly many clients will probably not have a great vacation and many vedors will be cheated by a Person (not an agent) who will never sell his product. It will come back to the legitimate travel agent and we will again have the respect we deserve for showing many people the joy of travel in a safe and conscientious way.

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