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June 23, 2008


Jerry Turgeon

I am interesed in getting into the travel agent industry. I recently attended a Goldrush Getaways "Free Vacation" invite. I am ignorant of industry standards, but something smelled fishy to me. What can you tell me about their organization?

Angela Schnabel

Hi! I agree with everything you're saying. However, it is important to note that Ultimate Choice Travel reps do not claim to be Travel Agents. Ultimate Choice Travel reps are Travel Referral Agents and refer people to their personal affiliated site, as well as the Concierge Desk based in Austin, TX.

The Austin office is staffed with a large group of Travel Agents with a combined 117 years experience.

I just thought it was important to note the difference.

Have a great weekend!

Paul Adams

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I'd like to hear about AVC as a host agency. How good are the client leads they say they will provide?


Encore Travel
I joined up with Encore Travel ( year and I believe I was scamed into a MLM or Card Mill. They provide zero support and I really wanted to become a Travel Agent. It was new to me and I had no experience and thought that would be fun. I wish I would have done research first. Please add this company to your list. You can research this and will most likely get the same results. Thank you!


Vicki asked "I'd like to hear about AVC as a host agency. How good are the client leads they say they will provide?"

The leads come through aggressive marketing that AVC does - it pulls in the serious clients ready to book as well as the tire kickers. I've had quite a bit of success with them (joined Nov 2007 and started focusing on sales after the holidays in Jan 2008) and have been very happy with them.


I recently graduated from a travel academy and I am in the process of setting up a home based travel agency. I am researching host agencies and will finalize my decision by the end of the month. Does anyone have a great one they are working with that they would recommend? I will add them to my research list.


Hi. I am researching all these scams online and want to know how to really get into the business as an independent agent. I have looked into one company but think they are a scam. It's called It sounds too good to be true. Can anyone guide me in the right direction. I went to a travel agent and they want me to do group travel for them, go on the trip for a small fee and not get paid. Does this sound fair?

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We joined Discount Global Travel a few years back. Paid a lot of money for the priviledge of traveling cheap. The company disappeared a few years later - no refunds and now way to get in contact.

Personal Concierge

Traveling concierge are available for your urgent needs as reservation , booking etc .


Am interested in signing up with KHM Travel Group based in Ohio. Has anyone heard of any complaints from their home-based travel agents?

Laurie C

So far KHM seems to be pretty legit, great customer service, great commissions etc.


I am still doing my research on KHM. I want to make sure they are a legit company. So far reading on the internet I have not found anything bad about them, however I would love to have someone who has been with the company shed some light on a YEA or NAY..

Travel Mama

I too am looking at KHM. However am concerned that they do not want to provide any agencies that are already in operation. After much insistence they provided one website that is supposedly connected with them and the website is two years old and only partially operative. The agent did not return phone calls. So I wonder.. Laurie C what is your website? Please.

Peter Stilphen, ECC

Check the sample at


I am really considering KHM, but today when I tried to enroll for some reason there was something wrong with the site it had a message like site no longer available. Hmmm... Can someone give me some advice...

T Sherman

Anyone have any experience with Goldrush Getaways? Attended the 90 sales pitch. My sweetie and I are split with one of us believeing it sounds great and the other smelling something rather fishy.


I just recently signed up with KHM and so far i haven't seen/felt any reason to believe they are bad. I have a friend who has been an agent for them for at least the last 2 years I have known her and loves it.

J Saunders

Tanya, can you post your friend's website, that has been an agent for KHM. I am interested in researching them more.


As anyone heard of Cruises, Inc out of Fort Lauderdale? If so, a little insight please.


I WAS WITH A HOST AGENCY IN GA. CHANGE MY COMM. FROM 60% to 40% without a notice.I work at home do everything myself. SO ADD PERSONAL TOUCH TOURS to your list.THANKS


Thanks for post ! It is interesting post. And no doubt, I enjoyed reading of your post.I would love to share it my friends as well.


KHM Travel group is a legitimate travel agency. It's out of Brunswick Ohio, I have been up to the agency and I can tell you they are real. It is NOT I repeat NOT an mlm or any kind of scam operation. They have been in business for years and are doing quite well. They are my host agency, and are there everytime I need them. I am wondering if there may be another KHM somewhere. When googling it make sure you get KHM travel group from Brunswick Ohio.
Keep in mind when working from home, it is commission only,and it takes a lot of hard work to get clients,but if it's something you love you will work at it

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