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May 22, 2007


Doug Bauknight

You mentioned you wanted to hear from those of us who are involved in MLM. I appreciate and applaud you’re willingness to let us express our views of the industry. I’ve read through all your articles and can’t deny that there are those in the MLM industry who DO take unfair advantage, damaging or even ruining courtesies available to those of us who are serious about selling travel. I’ve seen many changes in industry in the 2 plus years I’ve been involved with YTB, both from us, organizations like CLIA, and cruise lines like Princess and Holland America.

Just one example I can offer is YTB will set up and offer new Agents one cruise FAM in an effort to help those experience what I believe is the best vacation money can buy. The Home Office does regulate and requires at least two full fare bookings before another FAM can be taken. (Princess and Holland America require 4 bookings.) CLIA has also changed their requirements, so that everyone is not only registered, but is now tested yearly before granting credentials. YTB has also amended new legislation in California which now requires our Agents to first book $2500 in travel before any credentials are issued from us or to be eligible to register with CLIA. I believe this legislation will eventually move across the country and believe this will help curb some of the issues both of us agree is a real sore. I’m not aware of any other MLM that is now able to offer even a “Card Mill” credential in California.

Keep your eye on YTB. It’s no mistake we are “The King of Travel MLM’s” as we have always and will continue to separate ourselves as a simple “Card Mill”. There is news on the horizon concerning our financial picture, our stock listing, (as we are currently up to date on all SEC filings) and just how dominant we are in the Travel Industry. Like it or not, not only does our model work, but we are expanding and growing at a record pace.

While I accept your views concerning what you call “bums”, I believe that companies who model themselves more like YTB and a Host Agency like yours can co-exist peacefully and with mutual respect. Personally, I make every effort to not only learn from veterans like you; but teach these principles and techniques to my growing team. I love and respect both the Network Marketing and Travel Industry, and done professionally there is nothing better.

Warm Regards

Juliette C.

Hi Peter,
Can you please tell us what you know about Pro Travel Network? It's fairly new which is why it's difficult to find information about it. I've gotten involved in this and I regret not researching on it. All I want is to be a home-based travel agent and book flights for a living and travel the world. The tools, training and support are lousy. It's frustrating because they're more concerned about signing up people into the business. I learned my lesson the hard way. I should have researched first where I'm putting my money into. I wish I've known that this is just an mlm and that the travel agency business is just a front.

Robert J. del Campo

I'm overwhelmed and grateful by all the information I'm reading here and in other sites. As a disabled vet I'm looking for a home based opportunity in the Travel Industry- what do you recommend ?

Connie Glasgow

am proud to be a member of YTB. I have taken courses at city college for the travel industry and have worked in a brick and mortar agency. The courses provided me with limited knowledge of the travel industry and I needed to find someone to allow me work after completion. The travel agency wanted to work me like a Hebrew slave but did not like to pay me my commission when due. I have been with YTB for 5 years and I have my own IATAN card and several certifications. I have been a consumer of travel since I was 21. Last year, I retired from a 34 year teaching career. As with anything, you have people who will abuse a system. You are abusing this system. You can not be in competition and give an unbiased critique. You are promoting your card mill and the host agencies of your associates. You want agencies to pay you to get your endorsement. You are a major scam artist because you appear to be protecting the underdog. You need to be truthful with yourself. Connie Glasgow, Connie's Travel Notebook dba YTB Travel Network

EDITORS NOTE: All I can say Connie is to use some common sense and check out the legitimate side of the travel industry. Also check out for some horrific YTB stories.

Donna Rall

I see Joystar is not on your most current list of MLM/card mills...was this removed for a reason? I was going to sign with them until I saw your article.

EDITOR's NOTE: They are back on the list as a network marketing company


YTB is a great company and great opportunity for anyone trying to break into the travel industry.

Marcus Jones

Please get your story straight about YTB. They have recently implemented a program effective on 1/1/08, wherein new Referring Travel Agents will need to sell at least $1500 in travel (not their own travel) in order to obtain their IATA card. We have been involved with YTB for 6 months and have made a significant amount of money with travel commissions. We enjoy traveling and also like to help people plan their trips. As such, we have become Disney Specialists. I recommend you do more research regarding YTB before posting such comments.

Mike Belleggie

Hi Peter and Billie Stilphen,

Although I am currently part of a network marketing travel company I will not name it since that is not the issue here in my mind.

With all gentleness and sincerity I believe you need to reassess your understanding of the industry you are currently dismissing.

While valid flaws can be pointed to in the companies themselves, no true argument can exist to the superiority of the network marketing model for any product and travel alike.

Don't worry, this is not a company endorsement. It is an independent presentation by Charles King (Harvard graduate in Business Administration) and Tim Sales (business executive) whose backgrounds you will find to be more than impressive and credible, in which they define network marketing/MLM as the most reputable form of business.

So please go to the link, watch the "Brilliant Compensation" presentation and then consider your statements.

I have no problem with you analyzing specific MLM companies for their faults, they are frequently valid.

However, I believe you are making a grave error in dismissing the entire industry for a company's mistakes. I wish you the best and you seem so knowledgeable you certainly deserve to know what network marketing truly is.

Network marketing simply has not been done right in a specific travel company yet, until what I believe exists in one recently started. It is no mistake Charles King himself is endorsing this company in person on Sept. 7th.

Anyways God Bless you and thank you for providing good information.

Mike Belleggie

Oh and by the way if you watch the Brilliant Compensation video and you still see major problems with applying the Network Marketing business model to the travel industry, I would honestly like to know why.

My partners and I will not hesitate to work with/for you if what you do is truly superior. But, you'd have to prove it to us first after understanding what network marketing really is and not the attempt offered by some current companies.


Is the GT Trends a legal company? is there really a GT Trends Online Travel agency?

Eila Smit

Hello, just one comment. I am not sure why you state that Coastal Vacation Club is a card mill, and they promise that you can get your own IATA card, but I don't believe that you have your facts straight. In fact, in order to use the vacations in the package, most of them must be booked through a travel agency. Hence, the package requires the use of travel agents to book your travel, and covers several different travel agencies. I have the package, and not once, was I told I could get my own IATA card, nor was I told that I was considered a travel agent, nor do believe I am since I do not sell travel, make travel arrangements, or even have a booking site. In fact, I believe that the travel agencies are making some money off my bookings, especially when I extend my stays, or add airfare to my accomodations. I would think that, you would believe that was a great situation for the travel agent, since its bringing the agent additional business they might not otherwise recieve.
Thanks, Eila

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