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Peter Stilphen, ECC and his wife Billie Stilphen, MCC were co-partners of Coral Sands Travel and America's Host Agency a fully insured, bonded travel agency located in the Fort Myers, Florida area. The agency was established in 1994 and was converted to an exclusive Host Travel Agency in 2003. The agency was sol in 2012.

Our only business is supporting the HomeBased Independent Travel Agent.

Mr Stilphen spends any available time working with homebased travel agents and educating them in the pitfalls of doing business with the undesirable elements in our business.

He is the founder and past President of the Professional Association of Travel Hosts, Inc (PATH). PATH is a professional society of Host Agencies who work under a strict code of ethics and other performance standards. Mr Stilphen founded STARS, a member operated, non-profit organization in 2008.

This blog is intended to help the travel agent or consumer to differentiate between the legitimate Host Agencies and the Suppliers of Travel. We seek comments from anyone wishing to express his feelings or to inform us of any bad experiences in the travel business. We do not want to hold back anything as long as it is constructive and truthful.


We feel our country is falling prey to the extreme religious right, the Tea Party and the billionaires and will bring out the real truth as to what they are doing to the middle class.