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December 08, 2008



Please add Business In Motion selling so-called travel packages using the easily identified 1-2-4-8 pyramid scheme.

Canadian Police, government employees, doctors, lawyers, dentists, chiropractors, realtors, etc, involved. Spreading world-wide. Big controversy in Canada.

dave CBNow

Alex Blank

Hi! I enjoy reading your blog. I came across a company today called Nettrave... have you heard/read anything about them. It is my understanding that it is a MLM.

Please note that I do refer travel to our Travel Agents in TX for UCT,but I am aware that there are many companies that should be avoided for unlawful/unethical practices.

Thanks for this post and the YTB update- Merry Christmas to you both.

Alex Blank

also- do you know if YTB, World Ventures, etc. have licensed and experienced travel agents on staff or if they rely on their Travelocity or Expedia partner sites for all travel booked?

John Frenaye

Alex--there is no licensing of travel agents in the US and that is one of the problems.

Peter, it is not only about the FAMS and discounts. Why are vendors paying commission to consumers?

I would be interested to see the 2008 sales figures for CCL and RCCL and looking at percentages to see if CCL's numbers increased MORE than RCCL. If so, then it indicates that perhaps the MLMs are bringing something to the table. If not, I suspect that it shows that the MLMs are selling to themselves and most likely they woudl have traveled in any case. CCL is just tossing away 16%.


Hi Peter,
You forgot to mention Extraordinary Vacations Group (Trip Professionals, Cruiseshoppes)These are the biggest scammers of all. 100's of agents have lost their commissions to this company because they are broke. They also sell travel agent cards to anyone that can afford their price.


I forgot to mention that Shawn Tubman signs the applications for the clia and IATA cards of these people


I plan on discussing them in detail in the Feb issue of the newsletter. Anything you have would be helpful.


I had a Traverus agent approach me. Do you have any info. on that company?


What about this company "Platinum 1 Destinations/NetTrav"...they have been trying to contact me as an Independant Travel Consultant....what do you know about them?


Business In Motion hit the CBC National TV


While I highly agree with you on your list of scam sites, I disagree on one point.

You mention that allows others to be travel agents and make commissions. Actually, they allow anyone with a website to post FREE links to their site and earn commissions. Every legit corporate giant does this nowadays, and it is called an affiliate program, which is pay-per-sale advertising. It is FREE to post Vayama's links on your website, and it is not a scam or illegal. Travelocity, Orbitz, ect. all do the exact same thing, and I don't see anything wrong with that. Are you going to add them to your list? Sure, these websites take away from the small home-based travel agent. But, Travelocity is a travel agency and it is not illegal for them to promote their site.

Also, non-travel corporations such as Dell, HP, Apple, Staples & Sears all have affiliate programs. It is just a way to promote their websites. Many of these affiliate programs are administered through

That being said, I appreciate your bringing light to the pleathora of real travel scams out there, such as YTB. I recently was contacted by someone about I find these programs completely ridiculous!


Hello, Does any one know how creditable Penn Foster College is for there online travel agent program. I am looking to become a travel agent. Any recomendations would be greatly appriciated.. Thanks.


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Jami Bowen

I am looking into becoming a home based travel agent and would love some advice, you really seem to know a lot about this industry. I am looking into a couple different host companies and would like to get you insight on them. KHM Travel, Travel Planners, and Ticket 2 Travel and some I am looking at. What are your opinions on these? Would you recommend one? Thanks so much for your help. My email is

Jennifer Thomas

I tried the home based travel agent with Academy Travel( aka MickeyVacations) I only booked 2 trips thru them but have spent the last 6 months truing to get my commission. Owner is Lisa Givas - are you familiar with her companies

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J. Neufeld

Add Travel Ventures International to your list of scammers. A $250 one time fee promises a return of $10,000 over and over again...

L Deery

I am thinking of signing on with KHM Travel. What can you tell me about them? Who are your top three recommendations?


Hi I am looking forward to opening my own travel agency online/offline and I would like to promote different packages for vacationers. My interest is to work closely with travel planners around the world and offer this packages to my offline customers. How can I best work with them and under what conditions/commissions?

John Ski

Can you tell me anything on World Ventures/Rovia Travel out of Plano Texas..They are making astromical claims about their success...Anything would be appreaciated before I make the leap...That seemds to be what all this home based travel stuff is about..Give me 300 and see ya

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Interesting information on this site. What do you think about KHM Travel? Are they legitimate? Are they paying out commissions? Has anyone out there ever had experience with them? Thanks.


i want to look into KHM Travel. are they a ligitimate business? or another company that rips you off. please give me some feeback anyone

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